#WomenIveNeverMetWhoMoveMe: 15 April

To those of you who are new. This is an adjective game celebrating women from all walks of life whose presence on the planet has moved me despite never having met them (yet?).

Maya: Shameless. That one was easy. This force of creative nature started her a YouTube career off with a challenge te be shameless for a year (that was 5 years ago) and watching that challenge continue to unfold has been a joy to watch. Check her out on her YouTube channel: Shameless Maya.

Toni: Giant. There will never be another Toni Morrison beloveds. Her 2019 autobiographical film documentary: The Pieces I Am is a must.

Yvonne: Comitted. Whatever she’s doing, you can’t look away. She’s fully present in any character she’s playing, comedy special or interview. Catch her in her star-making turn as Molly in HBO’s Insecure and her podcast Jesus and Jollof.

Ari: Exposed. She’s sensitive, vulnerable, awkward and sultry. Also: Shea. Butter. Baby.

Audrey: Transcendent. The movie star who has transcended, pretty and added feisty, funny and philanthropy to her repertoire.

Janet: The blueprint. Any and every female performer alive owes Janet a debt of gratitude. Not once was she ever referred to as M*chael’s sister. Ms Jackson if you’re nasty.

Robin: Sharp Witted. If I had been asked to select the first woman to vehicle the first sketch show centering black woman, we couldn’t have gotten luckier than the intelligent, talented and hilarious Ms Thede. Please see A Black Lady Sketch Show. You’re welcome!

Zoe: Girl Crush. I mean. Wow. Can she just not be so freaking hot (oh yeah and talented, effortlessly cool and genetically blessed). See High Fidelity.

Katara: Hero. Also, a fully formed female character that went beyond a “badass good girl”. The good sis took out the baddest b*tch in the firenation. A waterbending master!

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