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Whisper Gardens

I’m learning to listen to all the dreams I whisper and “joke” about so that I don’t have to to reckon with the extent of my longing. The whispers are like seeds: tend to them for they’re trying to tell you the things that you’re not ready (or willing) to know about yourself yet.

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Norms & Conditions

I love contradiction. I enjoy being one. I love that the human experience is one shot, no training wheels and full of surprises (and it’s been a while since I did a listicle of my weird and wonderful unsolicited thoughts on stuff).

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A Tough Pill to Swallow

As a community service medical officer in one of the most interesting health care systems on the planet, I’ve seen how easy it is to point fingers when we discuss its failures. For once let’s point the finger in all directions to find something resembling the truth: yes we’ve been set up but we’re also failing each other. (grab some refreshments, it’s a long one)

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Unlearning I: Selective History

I enjoyed history so much growing up. The stories of fearsome warriors, evil acts and human triumphs. I learned how separation, misinformation and propaganda (aka psychological warfare) were the tools of choice for evil regimes on the other side of the world. I never dreamed that these tools were still at work. Here and now.

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