2.020 Wrapped: Joy

This is Vol 2.0 of the year collection of all the little things that brought me joy and kept me sane (Vol 1 here). I hope they bring you joy too. Take only what you want and need. This year has been a lot. Please enjoy.


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Memory Jukebox

Music is the connective tissue that holds our memories suspended in time. We all hold a library of music and memories within us. If you trace the albums that define your moments across a lifetime, you’ll have a time capsule. This exercise is part Trip Down Memory Lane, part Artist Spotlight (full-time absurdly abstract). Enjoy!

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Artist Spotlight: Puleng Mongale

Puleng Mongale is an accidental visual artist. Nothing about her talent is, but today we’re going to trace how this Sotho girl from Orlando East found her way from teenage award-winning poet and thrice failed blogger (4th time’s the charm) to a visual artist who has found a new way to mix media in her soulful collages that feature her but centre something much bigger.

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Artist Spotlight: Janelle

Janelle Monae is my favourite artist. Not because I love her voice, style, attitude or music which I do (reminder: I never claimed she was my favourite singer). As such, my inaugural Artist Spotlight belongs to her. This one is not a profile, plug or attempt to convert you. I’m just going to try to show her to you as I see her: f*#king brilliant.

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