Memory Jukebox

Music is the connective tissue that holds our memories suspended in time. We all hold a library of music and memories within us. If you trace the albums that define your moments across a lifetime, you’ll have a time capsule. This exercise is part Trip Down Memory Lane, part Artist Spotlight (full-time absurdly abstract). Enjoy!

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Artist Spotlight: Puleng Mongale

Puleng Mongale is an accidental visual artist. Nothing about her talent is, but today we’re going to trace how this Sotho girl from Orlando East found her way from teenage award-winning poet and thrice failed blogger (4th time’s the charm) to a visual artist who has found a new way to mix media in her soulful collages that feature her but centre something much bigger.

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The Diaspora: Continental Drift

The word Diaspora is an acknowledgement of the nature of our relationship. That though we are scattered across the globe, we share common blood and ancestry. The nurture part seems to always get in the way of our reconciliation efforts however: this is the unusual story about how Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther helped me bridge this gap.

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The Nerds Shall Inherit the Earth Part II: from Greek to Geek

Are you even a good franchise without at least two parts?

Shonda Rhimes (Titan and notable Nerd) said every good story has one simple message: you are not alone. In this sequel we explore the magic (and art) of Big Nerds who are changing the world. Or at the very least, mine.

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