verb: short for #SheWritesWhatSheLikes

noun: My constitutional right to freedom of speech

This is the writing heart of this (non) blog. Home of my unfiltered opinions, essays, short stories and my other brain children. Here’s a quick breakdown of the kids:


aka Ntoetse’s favourite things A combination of these 3 things:


I write honest detailed anonymous letters to and about people I know and love (I’ll do my best not to incriminate anyone). Should they recognise themselves and consent, their name and picture will be added to the post. If they write one back, I’ll post that as well (I’ll also melt), with consent of course. Friendships are crucial, intimate and formative things. Romantic love can be life changing but the right friendships are life affirming, they deserve more credit.



I read/heard/saw something about failure along the lines of: if you’re not failing frequently, you’re living too cautiously and and might as well not have lived at all. I have resolved to fail at least once a month and hope to learn a great deal in the process. I would love for you to join in and share. There are no failures too big/small if you walk away better than when you started.

Regular customers

#NerdsHaveMoreFun: Self Explanatory

#WomenIveNeverMetWhoMoveMe: a type of wcw. Self explanatory.

#InternAdult: I thought I’d retire this one now that my internship is ending but lets be honest, when it comes to adulthood: I’m still an intern.

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