Hi Sunflowers!

I am Ntoetse, a lover of many things including flowers, words, language (linguaphile) and parenthesis. I moonlight (and daylight) as a doctor and this is my non-Blog where I discuss my many loves, express my opinions and share my writing.

You’re invited to be brave with me every week as this Sotho woman admires beauty in all its forms and explores what it means be creative, to fail and be an #InternAdult.


The connotation of the word “blog” implies I’ll dazzle you with my visual gifts. Let this serve as a warning: this is is not that kind of (Non)-Blog.


I’ve always loved the idea that sunflowers are eavesdropping on the sun, the sun unknowingly helping these gorgeous flowers to bloom by simply being; making the world a more beautiful place.

Welcome 😊🌻

I’d apologise for the brows but the truth is they’re like that more often than not so…