WomenIveNeverMetWhoMoveMe: 5 June

My 20th (!) post is rightfully a celebration of the women whose lives, talents and art bring me joy and inspire me to be more. As always I throw a thesaurus at you but that’s half the fun!

Emeli Numinous her voice alone makes me believe there’s a God.

Natacha Ingenious no one makes clothing like this woman. She’s innovative and tasteful and bold.

PepperAnn: Wonderful weirdo with filled my childhood screen with mismatched and unapologetic attitude.

FKA Quixotic. Yes.

Yagazie Grounded. One of my favourite visual voices and African photographers working right now.

Winnie Irreplaceable. There will never be another.

Rashida Sagacious. Babe has quietly been wonderful and talented and lowkey in more than one of the best shows in TV.

Tatiana Idyllic. Her portraits of woman make me want to be a woman (see featured image via Tatiana Pobla)

Emilia Guiless Chameleon hiw did this adorable goofball convince us she was the Mother Of Dragons? Oh right, she’s drowning in talent!

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