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Travelbug: Summer Romance

This blog sometimes moonlights as a travel blog-come-photo album (and I’ve learned that these have actually helped ya’ll plan actual trips of your own!). It offers me an opportunity to share travel wisdom and document my trips so that I can show my uncle that I’m still enjoying (relatively) single life when he asks me where my husband is (it actually worked BTW, he begrudgingly had to admit that I was having a great time being an unmarried heathen when I showed him the pictures). OK let’s go!

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Wrapped Joy 202.2

*Usher Voice *: This is part 2 (and the last post of the year). I’m sharing the things that kept my joy afloat in these murky 2021 waters, it’s also an amalgamation of my favourite things. It’s both plug and light: a reminder that the #QuestForBeauty is attainable even in the darkest of times.

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