#WomenIveNeverMetWhoMoveMe: 16 October

Your favourite unconventional edition of #wcw where I string together compliments via thesaurus (because words are wonderful and women are glorious)!

Shannon (Boodram): Hustler. A sexologist badass author creative who has done the work and bares it all (intellectually speaking). Gift yourself a copy of her new book The Game of Desire or check out her YouTube channel.
Quinta (Brunson): Awkward wonderful. This comedienne is the future, Buzzfeed was not the end. See: A Black Lady Sketch Show.
Nikisha (Riley née Brunson): Salubrious. Her feed does for your eyes what green tea does for your insides.
Nneka (Julia): Silky. This describes this travelling storytelling photographer’s voice, style and compositions (equally). Check out her podcast: Passing Through or follow #wastehistimewednesday.
Jackie (Burger): Stylish. A homegrown creative vet, this editor stylist editor entrepreneur u is easily one of the most stylish women to walk among us.
Just Rioba: Homegrown wanderlust. This Kenyan native makes realistically traveling this great continent of ours her mission and joy. Please check out her blog of the same name.
Sza: New age bohemian. Ctrl will become a modern classic mark my words. I said what I said. But even before the. She was a wonderful weird musically experimental black girl.
Reyana (Noriega): Evocative and soothing (simultaneously). That’s her art: see featured image. Give her all the coins.
Mulan: The bravest coolest semi-fictional legend or there.

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