WomenIveNeverMetWhoMoveMe: 10 April

Your every other weekly dose of #wcw with a twist. A space to uplift and admire women from all walks of life whose movements matter to and move me. Also, a thesaurus worthy game of Spot the adjective!

Rupi Kaur: Spellbinding. Her poetry (and the accompanying illustrations) are so gorgeous, precise and relatable. Pick up a copy of The Sun and Her Flowers yesterday!

Kelis: Ebullient. Resilient, unbothered and glowing. The wildcard of my dreams. Lactose intolerance flees before her and the boys (rightfully) flock to the yard.

Ava: Stirring. In a sea of white, be as bold, determined and generous as Ava. A white man owns the rights to MLK’s speeches so she wrote her own from scratch. Watch Selma again and be doubly impressed that you barely noticed. Watch the doors she’s opening for her peers with Queen Sugar‘s directors list and try not to be moved. Yes girl!

Maggie Cole: Fresh-faced. The Omaha native illustrator has an eye for natural charm in the everyday girl’s face and mannerisms (see featured image via Maggie Cole draws)

Missy Elliot: The OG. Gamechanger, Hall of famer, had us unwittingly flipping and reversing lyrics for years!

Musesuniform: Luxurious. Nelly, the gorgeous French photographer and travel blogger with the most sumptuous taste and eye. I dare you to click on her Instagram right now and not gasp. Go ahead.

Marsai Martin: Ambitious. This girl is going places and I for one will be around to cheer.

Regina King: Queen. There’s no one alive that’s influenced the culture as (quietly) profoundly as this woman. On front of and behind the camera, I would be proud to be the Regina King of what I do.

China McClain: Triple Threat. Don’t sleep on her. There’s nothing miniscule about her talent.

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