WomenIveNeverMetWhoMoveMe: 06 March

This movement to encourage and highlight the female voices that give me life and courage and inspiration. And, as always a masterclass in adjectives. WCW with a twist: I see you. All.

Michaela Cole. Uncomfortably talented. Anyone who can keep my friend Zee (who suffers from second-hand embarrassment) watching cringe comedy is a once in a generation talent. One who wrote every single line of Chewing Gum. Case closed.

Manuja Waldia. Feminine. “I like drawing women nurturing one another and building things.” (see featured image via Manuja Waldia)

Warsan Shire. Lyrical magic. My love affair with words reached new heights when I heard To The Women Who Are Difficult to love. Her book Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth has reduced me to tears.

Brunna Mancuso. Expressively Stylish. Her impressions of women are cool, stylish, minimal and expressive.

Tracee Ellis Ross. Bold. This woman made being Diana Ross offspring a truly secondary feature. What rulebook?

Rihanna. Fresh (also: phresh) a woman as relevant today as any day throughout her 10 year reign as that bitch.

Beyonce. The Standard. I’m not the most hive-minded human alive but let’s not pretend she’s not a noun and verb. Proving repeatedly why she’s the greatest entertainer alive.

Viola Davis. Excellence. In the words of Jay Z: “I believe excellence is being able to perform at a high level over and over.” add her picture to the dictionary definition please. Thank you.

Freddie Harrel. Unbound. This colourful gorgeous French blogger’s vulnerability gave me permission to wear gold eyeliner whenever I want.

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